Estate Planning and Probate

Estate planning is the area of law dealing with the distribution of a person's property after his death, taking into account Wills and Trusts which he has established, as well as the distribution of his assets (both real and personal) and insurance according to the person's wishes.

Probate law generally involves a court proceeding to appoint an executor for the estate of the deceased, and is also the forum for any later disputes which may arise. When a person has left a valid Will, most probate proceedings in Texas are simple and efficient from the standpoint of required court appearances and procedures.

In the estate planning area, we advise clients, and prepare the appropriate documents, on:

  • Lifetime transfers to minimize the various forms of taxes
  • Premarital and similar agreements, especially when one or both of the parties is bringing specialized property into the marriage or has a family from a prior marriage
  • Wills and various types of trust agreements (both revocable and irrevocable)
  • General Powers of Attorney for business affairs
  • Powers of Attorney relating to health care decisions
  • Directives to Physicians ("Living Wills")